It Started With The Sea - Meet the Rubias Collective

This month we’re celebrating not only our connection to the ocean and the lifestyle we love (thanks to World Oceans Day and International Surfing Day falling in June), but we’re excited to share stories of amazing women who draw their inspiration and experiences from the sea.

Meet Roxy and Bree from the Rubias Collective. They’re two incredibly talented videographers based in Oahu, Hawaii and they create mesmerizing moments that poetically capture the many moods of the ocean from above and below the surface.

The Kids Are Alright: Meet Sierra

Sierra Kerr hardly needs an introduction. She has already been on a few trips with the ROXY team, and chances are, you've either caught her skating skills or her surf clips on the gram and wished you had those kind of moves at her age.

It's easy to catch her stoke when you're hanging out with her, but we dare you to try and keep up. it's almost impossible.

Fiji Pro By the Numbers

There’s no doubt about it, Tavarua has to be one of the most idyllic locations on the World Championship tour. What’s not to love? A heart shaped island with World class surf on your doorstep, fresh coconuts on tap and crystal clear water lapping at palm fringed beaches.

Bronte and Bianca have been soaking up the island vibes over the last few days, so we asked them to dial it down for us in our favorite format - by the numbers! Scroll down to read the Fiji edit and don’t blame us if you find yourselves booking a ticket to paradise shortly afterward...

Behind the Lens with Herewith Magazine’s Serena Lutton

A day out in Byron Bay is always a dream, whether it’s sunny or stormy, there’s always something special about how close you can get to nature and the beauty of the coastline.

So think then, how excited we were to reconnect with the Herewith team in Byron on the only sunny day in a week. During a little down time between shots, we caught up with French photographer and Herewith art director, Serena Lutton, to uncover what stories are hiding behind that lens of hers.

#ROXYSneakPeek Behind The Scenes of our Herewith x Mainei Shoot

In the week leading up to the ROXYpro Gold Coast, we were eagerly putting the finishing touches on a plan to reconnect with our friends at Herewith Mag for a special shoot that had been in the wings for a while.

Finally the morning arrived and before the sun had stretched above the horizon, we were Byron bound with a few of our favorite boards, a slew of our new bikinis and our girl, Mainei Kinimaka, all set for a day of shooting.

To the Sea with Herewith Magazine and Mainei Kinimaka

If you’ve managed to pick up the latest copy of Herewith Magazine, you’ll have noticed Issue 003 is dedicated to the theme, Intuition. A compelling topic when it connects to our love of the mountain and the wave and the instinctive understanding that guides decision making when we trust it enough.

The Kids Are Alright: Meet Zahlia

After meeting a few of our favorite groms on on the Gold Coast, we thought we’d introduce them to you. We think they’re going to be the ones to watch in the not-so distant future.

Meet Zahlia, one of the newest groms to the ROXY team. She’s 11 years old and has already been surfing for at least 5 years - growing up in Wollongong, a coastal town south of Sydney no doubt helps!

Monthly Mixtape: Lisa Andersen

With the launch of Lisa Andersen Collection this week, we felt a swell of pride around revisiting some of the stories and moments that kick started ROXY as a brand and changed the surf industry as we know it.

Behind the Lens with Simon Upton

It’s hard to describe the magic of just what was captured during our shoot on the Gold Coast with Steph Gilmore. It was a day where everything seemed to fall into place after a string of stormy days that threatened to have the project moved another 24 hours.

What we didn’t expect was a crew that kept the good vibes rolling from first light until the final shot, and who was leading the charge? Renowned fashion photographer, Simon Upton.

Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into our Shoot With Steph Gilmore on the Gold Coast

A week after the #ROXYpro Gold Coast wrapped, we were back on the beach with Steph Gilmore, working on a special project alongside the team from Destination Gold Coast and celebrated Australian photographer, Simon Upton.

We spent the day cruising some of the Gold Coast’s iconic locations with one of its most beloved and revered locals. Steph shared a few of her favorite places along the way, with a rolling commentary of good times shared, waves found and observations of an ever-changing landscape.

Take a sneak peek from behind the scenes by checking out the clip and pics.

Stephanie Gilmore, At Home on the Gold Coast

Stephanie Gilmore is one of surfing's most compelling personalities. She captivates and fascinates everyone she meets, with illimitable grace and humility.

Captured just days after claiming her #ROXYpro Gold Coast win, this fashion shoot offers a rare insight into the life and style of the six-time World Champion, co-starring her hometown.

Sis Unfocused in the Seychelles

We always love featuring our favorite moments from behind the scenes when we’re on a shoot, this time we passed on the edit to Kelia Moniz, as she was rarely seen without her camera (film that is) as we explored the island of La Digue in the Seychelles.

With her passion for film photography growing (you may have seen her @sisunfocused series of pics starting to filter through your gram feeds) and an eye for capturing hidden moments of beauty in between the campaign production, we couldn’t think of a better way to take you behind the lens of this island paradise, than by sharing her favorite snaps from the trip.

Below is a small glimpse into some of Sister’s favorite moments from the Seychelles.

Cold Lines

A few months ago, LeeAnn Curren headed to Iceland to chase a surfing experience that some of us only ever dream of, but for Lee-Ann, the North Atlantic shoreline has drawn her back again and again over the last five years -

“Iceland has become almost like a second home to me. I'm not sure what attracts me so much about this place. Maybe the immensity of the landscapes that make you feel so vulnerable, yet very much alive, and leave you in a permanent state of awe and contemplation.I think this video describes perfectly what it feels like to be out there.”

Lee-Ann’s latest clip ‘Cold Lines’ is a serious dose of adventure fuel, and between watching the video and booking your ticket, read our interview with Lee-Ann about the ins and outs of surfing amongst the extraordinary glacial landscapes of the Nordic isle.


Like a bold kaleidoscopic dream from paradise, our latest #POPsurf collection is here and ready for statement making moments on the beaches this Summer.

Monthly Mixtape: Monyca Eleogram

To celebrate the release of our Spring collection, shot in the Seychelles, we handed over DJ duties to Monyca Eleogram for our January Monthly Mixtape.


Greeted by dramatic boulders lining the coastline and emerald green lush palm-fringed jungle we arrived on the tranquil shores of La Digue in the Seychelles and soon fell in love with the laid back living that the small island delivered.

Set amongst an archipelago of the World's only granite islands in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles felt a thousand miles from anywhere and the perfect place to explore its hidden beauty for our latest campaign shoot.

Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into our Seychelles Adventure

With bikinis and boards packed, the #3Amigos alongside our awesome crew hit the Seychelles where the sand really is that white and the ocean really is that blue.

While Monyca, Bruna and Sis explored the islands best beaches and enjoyed a coconut or three, we soaked up their #ROXYSneakPeek ‘grams that filled our feeds and came far too close to booking a one way ticket to paradise…

Here are a few of our faves from the shoot that should come with a wanderlust warning all of their own. Enjoy!

Good Vibes with Steph Gilmore

Our friends at Collective Hub recently caught up with 6x World Champ, Steph Gilmore, on the shores of Bondi Beach to talk fears and facts of life on tour and everything in between.

Take a look at the clip and enjoy a fresh dose of inspiration as you step into 2017.

#WildAloha presented by Herewith Magazine

If there weren’t already enough reasons to love Hawaii and it's sun-drenched island charm, we managed to find a few more...

Over the weekend, our friends from Herewith Magazine caught up with island beauties, Monyca Eleogram and Mainei Kinimaka, on the North Shore in search of some #WildAloha.

Congratulations Chloe Calmon! 2016 Longboard World Championship Runner-Up

It was an exciting day of action at the World Longboard Championships in Hinan, China, today with Brazilian surfer, Chloe Calmon, reaching the final and narrowly missing out on the World Title to Californian, Tory Gilkerson.

Can’t stop. Won’t Stop! Congrats to Meg Roh on notching up over 2,000 consecutive slide sessions

Earlier this week, Meg Roh reached an exciting new milestone - 2,000 days of surfing in a row. That’s right. Rain, hail or shine, this girl paddles out and shares a few smiles and plenty of stoke in the process.

From the initial concept of the challenge in 2011, when she just wanted to surf every day in Summer to now, five and a half years later, Meg's determination and love for the ocean are all the motivation we need paddle out today.

You might remember when we caught up with Meg two years ago, so we thought it was time to reconnect with this ambitious mermaid to not only celebrate her latest achievement but hear what's next on her list...

Image courtesy of Cole Vaner Broek


On a recent trip to France between tour stops, Bianca Buitendag had a chance to reflect on her connection to the beautiful beach breaks of the south west.

“In a culture so removed from my own, France is ironically where I feel the most at home. So rich in personality and creativity, this place allows for great growth in character and career - with a diverse display of wave types and a strong support system, it is my pride and joy to to share in the French sea and it’s surrounds. This clip illustrates just a glimpse of its glory colored with a personal insight"

Stephanie Gilmore - The Tempest.

What better way to introduce Monster Children Issue #52, with guest editor Stephanie Gilmore at the helm, than with a dreamy clip, titled ‘The Tempest’.

Directed by renowned surf videographer, Jon Frank, the MC team embarked on an Indonesian strike mission for the perfect right handed barrels, and with small window of ideal conditions, one day was all it took to capture this visual entree into Issue #52, on sale October 7th.

Jump on board and explore the clip below and then pre-order your copy here >

Bands and Blossoms

Summer is calling and we can’t wait to head back to the beach!

This season we took inspiration from the honoured connection Hawaii shares with Japanese culture. Let the tropical soft floral prints transport you to the shores of Oahu, where the scent of plumeria dances in the breeze with the soft lilting melodies of traditional ukulele ballads.

Take the lead from the ROXY team and share the aloha spirit with you wherever you go.

SHOP the collection here >


As we shake off another winter, our mind turns to the destination of our next tropical adventure and the sun soaked days that follow. Hawaii seemed inevitable and we’re certainly no strangers to the lure of its island charm that draws us back again and again. It makes us question what we’re doing if we’re not there and time seems to stand still when we arrive.

Winning and Twinning in Tavarua with Torah Bright and Robin Van Gyn

After chasing Winter almost year round, who could blame #ROXYsnow Queens, Torah Bright and Robin Van Gyn, for the need to shake off the winter blues by booking an impromptu trip to the tropics. Swapping snowboards for surfboards and to soak up a healthy dose of sun, sand and salt in Fiji for a week.

From the Australian snowfields just days before boarding a plane, Robin and Torah had plans perfected, tickets booked and bags packed ready for the 4 hour flight from Sydney to the South Pacific. But what happens then when your wardrobe for paradise matches that of your BFF? Robin fills us in on their twinning adventures below.


Just as ROXY is a trailblazer for women’s surfing, Courrèges has been for fashion. Do you know who introduced the mini skirt to the world back in the early 60s? Yep, it was Courrèges. We figured it was time to join forces to create a collection for the kind of girl who loves a bit of Parisian chic in their life - actually is there anyone who doesn’t?!

This summer we feel there’s a little bit of magic in this new collab - the shoot with Stephanie Gilmore in the Maldives says it all. Drawing inspiration from Courrèges’ preference for white and citrus colours in technical fabrics back in the 60s, this collection brings a strong look bound to turn heads on the street and in the line-up. Take your pick from a tri bikini, running jacket and pants to a tank and skirt, all in technical fabrics designed for the ROXY girl on the go.

Check out the full collection here >

Back to the Beginning with Bianca Buitendag

With a break from competition underway, we spent some time with Bianca Buitendag, digging through some of her first and favorite salty memories. Naturally we wanted to know what sparked her love of the ocean, a thirst for life on tour and what were her biggest influences when it came to surfing.

Take a trip down memory lane with Bianca


When we hit the beach and paddle out, we’re not afraid to turn heads. We’re here to have fun, catch waves and share the stoke. Our latest #POPsurf collection is set to bring new life to the lineup with prints drawing inspiration from the 70s and 80s kaleidoscopic surfboard art.

If subtle-but-fierce is more your style, check out the solid black surf onesie with embossing to make a statement. Made with top technology and designed to be surf-ready, you will be ready to charge.

Join Steph, Monyca and Kelia in this clip from their most recent surf adventure through the Maldives.


We’re diving headfirst into an island dream with a collection inspired by the relationship between Japanese and Hawaiian cultures. You’ll love the bright new prints inspired by the eye popping colours of Hawaiian coral reefs on the flowy dresses and tops, dresses and pants.

Just like the ROXY team who travelled to the south of France and the Maldives to shoot the collection, no matter where you are in the world, take the aloha spirit with you, whatever the weather.

Before you explore the Perpetual Water collection here >, jump on board the Ocean Divine and cruise the Maldives with Monyca, Steph, Kelia and Zoe in our latest clip

What It's Like To Win A Dream Boat Trip to the Maldives

Earlier in the year we gave you the chance to win a trip to the Maldives on board the Ocean Divine. Fresh from their Maldivian adventure and with the good vibes still rolling, competition winner Rachel Appelo and her best friend Cierra dropped us a line to share a few of their favorite moments.

From surfing with Rosy Hodge to keeping a ukelele beat with Tom Carrol, these girls were in good company during their unforgettable experience at sea.

Take a look at Rachel's recap clip and cross your fingers that the next time we have a trip of a lifetime up for grabs that you might be the lucky winner!

Join Us At the Beach on June 20th, International Surfing Day 2016

From our saltiest groms to our World champs, we love sharing the stoke on a daily basis, but on June 20th we are joining our athletes and the surf community to celebrate International Surfing Day by heading to our favorite beach to surf, participate in beach clean up or soak up the weather with friends.

And to sweeten the deal, ROXY and Quiksilver are donating $10 from every boardshort and swim piece sold today to the Hawaiian Life Guards. Because good karma swells and the ocean belongs to everyone.

Surfrider Foundation is hosting over 200 #ISD2016 events across the globe to enable every person to give back to their local beach or favorite surf break. Stay up to date throughout the day by following #ISD2016 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the fun!

To kick things off we asked our team to tell us what surfing means to them -

Introducing the Black and White Collection

When our ROXY girls go on a shoot, they know how to have a good time. Do you think it might have something to do with the amazing places they go like France in the Spring and the Maldives - both dream locations, right? One look at these photos and you’ll be planning a getaway of your own, fast.

The black and white collection has everything you need to throw in your bag for a weekend getaway with your girl gang - there’s a onesie, poncho, halter tops, shorts and jeans to choose from. Ladies, get in formation, good times ahead.


With just a handful of the world’s best scoring a golden ticket invitation to Kelly Slater’s wave lake, and with a strict no cameras policy in place we were itching to hear all about how perfect an artificial wave can be (especially when it’s designed in part by one of the World’s greatest surfers).

Steph gave us the lowdown and in the process shared some wave lake stoke we never knew we were craving.

How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag with Monyca

While we were soaking up the sunshine on Rote Island, Indonesia, we asked Monyca Eleogram to share her sunny day essentials that she packs in her beach bag.


"An unexpected trip to Namibia over the weekend ended up being one of the most unforgettable trips of my entire life." Bianca Buitendag found a shaded Oasis at Skeleton Bay on the Southwest coast of Africa.

Island life with Bianca Buitendag

Our latest campaign shoot took us to the shores of Rote Island, hovering off the coast of Indonesia. With the promise of surf only a boat ride away and some of the most breathtaking sunsets we have ever witnessed, Rote was full of surprises.

We tasked Bianca (a true creative soul) with capturing the experience, not only in pictures, but in her own words. Read her Rote Island reflections below -

Morocco Bound

This past Winter, LeeAnn Curren traded chilly French breaks for warmer waters in the sleepy fishing town of Taghazout, Morocco. As a popular annual migration for many salty Europeans, the West African nation offers some of the most perfect right hand breaks, although with waves labelled - Mysteries, Killers and Dracula’s (for its razor sharp teeth like rocks below the surface) you might think twice before paddling out. Forget about the Souks and the Sahara, make your way to the rugged Moroccan coast for some incredible surf.

We caught up with Lee-Ann recently to hear more about her adventure, what we can expect from her band Betty the Shark this year, and where her board will take her to next.


As the ROXYpro got underway at Snapper Rocks, Monyca, Kelia and Bruna (AKA the 3 Amigos) and the Summersite crew packed the car and headed to Byron Bay, and all that the North Coast of New South Wales had to offer. Rambling through rainforests, glamping on the beach and plenty of empty waves.

Read more on the girls' Aussie adventures here >

Bianca Buitendag and her Year of Surprises

After wrapping up an exciting year with a 4th place finish on the 2015 Women’s Championship Tour rankings, Bianca Buitendag is just days away from kicking off her fourth year on the tour circuit at Snapper Rocks for the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

We caught up with Bianca last week to talk leap years, laughter and the importance of practicing gratitude. Read more of Bianca’s February perspective below -

Your ticket to the ROXYpro Gold Coast

The Day Kelia Moniz took on Teahupoo

You’ve probably already seen the photo, 2x World Longboarding Champ, Kelia Moniz, dropping into a 15ft Teahupoo bomb on a 9’4 single fin longboard.

Then you probably saw the wipeout clip on STAB, or maybe saw the comments filtering through on social media. Fans, strangers and the wider surf community paying respect for something that no man or woman has possibly ever attempted.

Sitting in the channel witnessing the whole thing go down were, fellow team riders, Monyca and Steph, plus legendary Quiksilver waterman Jamie Mitchell and renowned photographer, Tim McKenna - here are their stories from that day….


Paradise found! Sailing into a Tahitian dream

We’re no strangers to the Tahitian islands and the warm, inviting Polynesian charm that inevitably draws us back time and time again.

For our latest campaign shoot we rediscovered paradise amongst the spellbinding azure lagoons, lush tropical jungle and whitewashed beaches of Huahine.

Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into our Tahitian Adventure

Seven days in paradise with an awesome crew sounds like the ideal holiday doesn’t it? For the ROXY team it’s all in the name of work, to shoot our latest campaign amongst the stunning islands of Tahiti. Fortunately the location delivers a cruisy vibe, laid back locals and more sunshine than you can handle.

Monyca, Steph, Bruna, Kelia and Zoe certainly made the head office team jealous as their dreamy #ROXYSneakPeek ‘grams filled our feeds. Here’s a round-up of our faves from the shoot and a heavy dose of travel inspo all rolled into one.



Between stops on the Women’s Championship Tour earlier this year, Bianca Buitendag and fellow ROXY rider Lee-Ann Curren embarked on an epic road trip along South Africa’s ferocious Eastern coastline, known as the Transkei.

Their film, The Sound of Silence, documents their pursuit of un-planned discovery, a spontaneous surf adventure, the opportunity to disconnect and get a little bit lost along the way.

We caught up with Lee-Ann and Bianca during the ROXYpro to hear more about their time on the Wild Coast.

Steph’s Essentials for the #ROXYpro France

Have you ever wondered what Stephanie Gilmore’s go-to items are when she packs her bags for her French adventure at the #ROXYpro?


Summer is on its way and we couldn't be more excited to get back to the beach!

After a particularly bitter Southern Hemi Winter (that felt like it would last forever), we have welcomed the longer, lighter and warmer days starting to fill our weeks and a wardrobe to match.

Our latest collection is filled with all those can't-wait-to-wear pieces: breezy tops, floaty dresses and of course tropical swim pieces, ready for salty Summer days.

Before you explore the new collection here take a trip to Byron Bay in our latest clip with Steph and Monyca.

Juliette Brice is the 2015 European Junior Champion

Over the weekend French team rider Juliette Brice was crowned 2015 European Junior Champion at the Franito Pro, in the Canary Islands.

Fresh from her win at the Lacanau Pro event just weeks ago, the talented 16 year old secured the titled with her Quarterfinal finish in Teguise.

How to care for your ROXY wetsuit

Buying a wetsuit can be the best investment in your surfing, so you want it to last for as many surfs as possible right? Here are a few tips and tricks you can turn into habits to extend the life of your wettie.

Sharing smiles and stoke with Nao Omura

Meet Nao, she’s the smiling pocket rocket hailing from Japan, currently cruising the QS Tour.

After hanging out with Nao in Bali recently, we are ready to pack our gear and shred anywhere on the Kanagawa coast alongside her. And did we mention that she’s trained her dogs to surf…?! We want to see this in real life.

Nao Omura

French Lessons with Bianca Buitendag

After an exciting semifinal finish at the US Open in August, ROXY team rider Bianca Buitendag wasted no time in prepping for the crucial last leg of the World tour by jetting to France for a 10 day training camp in Les Landes.

The South African talent, currently ranked no 4 on the Women’s Championship Tour not only improved her French during her stay but was pushed to her limit with intense physical training, board testing and daily free surf sessions.

Enjoy this edit of 10 days hard work and fun -

Chelsea Tuach Wins Pantin Classic and Qualifies for 2016 World Tour!

In a low scoring final at the Pantin Classic in Spain over the weekend, Chelsea Tuach not only won the 6-Star event but fulfilled her dream of earning a spot on the 2016 WCT. Tuach’s form throughout the event saw her triumph over top seeds and current Championship Tour surfers, Malia Manuel and Alessa Quizon.

Moments after the win, we caught up with Chelsea to find out what it feels like when your dreams come true.

Chelsea Tuach

Behind the Lens with Photographer Cait Miers

This time last week we were soaking up the seemingly endless Balinese sunshine with the ROXY team - and you probably double tapped a few of Cait Miers’ awesome shots we posted on Insta.

In between surf sessions, island adventures and #BaliEcoWeekend fun we caught up with the talented Aussie born, Bali-based photographer, to discover what incredible stories were hiding behind that lens of hers, and we weren’t disappointed….

Behind the Lens with Photographer Cait Miers

Surf ready, from dawn patrol to sunset sessions.

Our home is the sea, and it's always calling us back for a visit.

We can never stay away for too long. Built to keep you warm, comfortable, and out there for longer, ROXY wetsuits are designed specifically for women and tested by real ROXY surfers.

Top tier tech, bold patterns, punchy pop colors, supremely flattering shapes make waves from the carpark to the lineup.

Explore out latest wetsuit collection here >

#ROXYsurf ROXY Wetsuits

Congratulations Steph! 2015 Waterman of the Year.

6x World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore was awarded by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) over the weekend with Waterman - more rightly Waterwoman - of the year 2015.

As the second female to claim the honor, Steph is in good company with fellow ROXY team rider and surfing legend Lisa Andersen receiving the trophy in 2007.

Steph Wins SIMA 2015 Watermans Award

Photo Courtesy of Paul Van Kan

Heartbreakers. Wave Chasers

Call us what you’d like. Heartbreakers, wave chasers, tomboys, pioneers. But let’s be clear: we’re not delicate flowers waiting to be asked to the big dance. We’re firecrackers burning deep into the night, and tearing through our days with reckless enthusiasm in our never-ending pursuit of what’s next.

Up mountains, down waves, and through cultures we’ve never known—all in search of thrills we’ve not yet experienced. So judge us all you want. Just don’t wait up. We might be awhile.

Below the surface with Steph Gilmore and Clark Little

Go behind the scenes with 6x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore and legendary photographer Clark Little in Hawaii shooting the shore break and swimming with sharks.

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

The final rounds of the #FijiPro wrapped up today, with ROXY team rider Bianca Buitendag posting impressive heat scores in the quarter and semifinals to reach her second consecutive podium finish on the WSL Women’s World Tour.

With stop #5 on the tour schedule done and dusted for another year in the heart of the South Pacific, we caught up with Bianca to take us through the her all important board selection for the intimidating Fijian swell.

Bianca’s Colorful Cloudbreak Quiver

Home is where the heart is for Bianca Buitendag

The lifestyle of a competitive surfer sounds pretty incredible on the surface. They get to travel to some of the most sought after destinations, chasing waves and surfing iconic and uncrowded waves, all while experiencing the local culture and everything on offer. Until you discover they spend the better part of their year on the road (or in the air) away from loved ones and most importantly, the comforts of home.

Team rider Bianca Buitendag has been travelling since she was 14, and for her there’s no place like home. Read about how Bianca feels about the anticipation of life on the road and the constant pull of home here -

Home is where the heart is for Bianca Buitendag

Bianca Buitendag reaches the Rio Pro final!

ROXY’s Bianca Buitendag has reached the Oi Rio Women’s Pro final in Brazil. This was the second CT final appearance for the talented South African rider after her 2014 match-up with reigning six-time World Champion and team mate Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast.

Stories from the road with Bianca Buitendag

As the fourth stop on the Championship Tour gets underway in Brazil, Bianca Buitendag gave us a little insight to her exciting 3 month Australian adventure before she jetted to Brazil for the highly anticipated Rio Pro.

While chasing the first three events on the championship tour, Bianca and boyfriend Lucas traced the Australian coastline (both east and south) in search of some empty breaks and the chance to stop and explore rather than race to the next town/next event….

Stories from the road with Bianca Buitendag

18 Hours To Baja

As far as road trips go, this one is a bona fide rite of passage.

Road tripping through Baja is an adventure into the unknown with the promise of less crowded waves just waiting to be claimed.

Travelling south on Highway 1, with no real time frame or final destination in mind, we drove from sundown to sun up and arrived at paradise along the Sea of Cortez.

18 Hours to Baja

Wild at Heart in Alaska

Alaska may be known as the Last Frontier, the Frozen North and the Land of the Midnight Sun, but to us it’s where the adventure begins! Lofty mountain peaks, majestic lakes and rivers, sweeping glaciers and the rugged landscape are synonymous with Alaska and the perfect place to explore for our latest Winter campaign photoshoot.

25 Years Of ROXY With Rosy Hodge & Sierra Kerr at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

In celebration of #25YearsofROXY we sat down with team riders, Rosy Hodge and Sierra Kerr on a sunny lay day at the #ROXYpro to learn a little more about Rosy’s life growing up with the brand and Sierra’s goals for the future. Plus these two salty beauties share a unique similarity, both were sponsored by ROXY at age 8. Read more as the grom and grom at heart share the stoke together.

Teenie Wahines Talk Business Over Skateboards and Ice Cream at the #ROXYpro

Being a grom is hard work. You have to spend your days surfing, skateboarding and eating multiple ice creams. We managed to catch up with our three favorite teenie wahines; 8 year-old Sierra Kerr, 11 year-old Leila Riccobauno and 14 year-old Alyssa Lock, fresh from a week of beach days, fun waves and sharing the stoke with our professional surfers and team riders during the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

Day 7 at the ROXYpro

Here's a sneak peek of Stephanie Gilmore's 60 Minutes Interview

Tune in to 60 Minutes Australia this Sunday evening at 8.10pm AEST to watch Stephanie Gilmore's incredible interview, From grommet to Queen of the sea.

Here's a sneak peek -

25 Years of ROXY - Kelia Moniz

Kelia ‘Sister’ Moniz is the epitome of effortless style and grace. Our favorite lady logger had mastered the art of hanging ten at an early age. At one stage, on the shores of Waikiki’s Queens Beach, she had more toes over the nose of her board than her age.

With equal parts happiness and humility, the multi-talented Hawaiian has become one of the most versatile surfers, notching up back to back 2012 and 2013 World Titles.

As she flawlessly cross-steps her way to the nose, (making it look all too easy) she does so with unfailing Hawaiian charm. A big smile, the spirit of Aloha and her relaxed style are what make her so incredible to watch in the water.

Torah Bright Making Waves

If you happen to follow Torah Bright on Instagram, you’ll know that she’s happiest with any board under her feet. Swapping her snowboard and chilly winter conditions for the sun, salt, sand and SURF!

Torah takes us through her favorite surf memories and how she started.

Torah Bright Surf vs Snow
Kelia Moniz Is The 2014 Longboard World Championship Runner-Up

2x World Longboard Champion, Kelia Moniz reached the final of the 2014 World Longboard Championship in China yesterday and finished runner up to Australian surfer Chelsea Williams.

Stephanie Gilmore Claims Sixth World Title at Honolua Bay

The Queen of Surf has done it again! Stephanie Gilmore has claimed her SIXTH world title today at the Target Maui Pro, the final event of the 2014 ASP Women’s World Championship Tour! Stephanie has more world titles than any other contender on the current women’s tour combined!

Steph Gilmore

Bianca Buitendag's perfect day in Maui

Yesterday’s standout performance at the Maui Pro was undoubtedly ROXY team surfer Bianca Buitendag's 9.80 score in her first heat at Honolua Bay, the highest single wave score for the day!

As Honolua Bay marks the final event of an exciting year on tour for the women's elite, Bianca was eager to tick plenty of bucket list adventures from her list, showing us just what her perfect day in Maui consists of: underwater adventures, hiking unknown trails and a little Hawaiian shave ice along the way. Here’s her recap of her typical day when she’s not surfing in the comp:


photo courtesy of Willie Kessel

Kelia Moniz To Defend Her World Title in China

2x World Longboard Champion Kelia Moniz, or better known to us as ‘Sis’, is preparing to defend her world title at the 2014 ASP World Longboard Championships next month in China.

The event will run from December 5-12 at the point break Riyue Bay off Hainan Island, China. To prepare, Kelia has been surfing her favorite breaks back home in Hawaii. Here are some of our favorite shots of her during her free surfs around Oahu.

Chasing The World Title: Stephanie Gilmore’s Packing Picks and Playlists for Maui

For 5x World Champion and current ASP Women’s World Title race leader Stephanie Gilmore, Honolua Bay has been a welcome addition back into the tour schedule. Proving no stranger to the iconic break, Steph won her first world title in Hawaii in 2007 (her rookie year!) and then backed it up with victories in 2008 and 2009.


Journey to the 2014 World Title #ROXYChamps

Maui Pro

We have a VERY exciting last stop on the ASP World Tour approaching this weekend at the Maui Pro! ROXY surfers Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons are both eligible to claim the world title at this event and currently sit as the top ranked athletes on tour.

Stephanie in the water premieres in Australia

The first Australian screening of Stephanie Gilmore's inspiring documentary, STEPHANIE IN THE WATER, premiered to a packed house in Warriewood, Sydney last night.

Stephanie Gilmore Wins the Cascais Women's Pro & Scores the Number 1 Spot!
Steph wins Cascais!

The final of the Cascais Women’s Pro was an epic head to head battle between world tour contenders and ROXY team surfers, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Alyssa Lock, a name you will want to remember. She is the young 13 year old Roxy athlete from Banora in NSW who is making her way through the surfing world on her way up to becoming an elite surfer. Alyssa has already made history as she was the youngest surfer to compete in a professional event when she competed in the Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks earlier this year. Earlier this week I talked with Alyssa Lock and asked her how does she live the normal life of a 13 year old when she is making history in surfing.


ROXY announces the 2013 global DARE YOURSELF contest, an amazing opportunity for Aussie and Kiwi girls to share your story and connect with all of the other daring girls out there.

We know you are a Roxy girl. Your contagious smile leaves others inspired. You are naturally beautiful, fun, alive, and confident. How do you make every day an adventure? What is the mark you want to make on the world? How are you daring yourself to live a unique life? As you have the courage to carve you own path, how do you dare to dream big? That’s what we want to see.

We are looking for the most inspirational ROXY girls.  5 girls will win the opportunity to take an epic adventure with Roxy athletes and receive up to USD 5,000 – one of them could be YOU.

Show us how you dare yourself!  Enter the contest by submitting either 150 words and 3 photos of yourself, or upload a one-minute video of yourself. 

Jump on the map on the contest page on Facebook and check out the entries from your state and hometown.  Spread the word with your friends and join the ride.

We Dare You…